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Mission Mathematics

At- Ghosari Post- Nandgaon-441226 Tahasil- Pombhurna Dist- Chandrapur

About Us

About Mission Mathematics (MM)

The fear of Mathematics in students is very common phenomena specifically in villages; it is due to lack of memorising the formulas of Mathematics. Fear of Mathematics is so high in the villages that students try to avoid the classes of Mathematics. Even the thought of attending Mathematics class creates panic in these students. One cannot progress in any academic field or any examinations unless one has the basic knowledge of Mathematics. The solution to this severe problem is simple. It is a matter of just memorising the formulas of Mathematics. Then how to memorise the formulas? It is very simple, just read the formulas repeatedly every day. So to remove the fear of Mathematics from students the young boy Sri Akshay Wakudkar started this project called MISSION MATHEMATICS (MM). In Marathi there is a proverb "गणिताच्या अरण्यातून जातांना सूत्रांची बंदूक हाती घ्यावी लागते" it means while going through the jungle of Mathematics one needs the arms in the form of formulas of Mathematics. He started this project from his own Village Nandgaon Ghosari in Pombhurna tahasil of Chandrapur district in the year 2017.

He started writing Mathematical formulas on the walls of his village houses. Students while passing through the streets of village or while playing will see these formulas which will help them to memorise these formulas very easily and in this way the fear of Mathematics will be reduced or totally eliminated. This created a magic among the students, the result was that students started taking interest in Mathematics. Then thought came to Akshay's mind that this magical movement should be spread throughout the country. He selected his own Chandrapur District to begin with.
Sri Akshay Wakudkar from Nandgaon Ghosari Village in Pombhurna tahasil of Chandrapur district came to Nagpur to pursue Engineering study in 2012. He took the admission for Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) in Yashwantrao Chavan College of Engineering Nagpur. While studying he created the charts of Mathematical formulas and displayed them on the walls of his room. It was an easy way to memorise them. So Akshay took this method of fast memorising formulas from his room to village walls. While painting the walls of village, the team interacts with the teachers and students of village schools and inspire them for the study of Mathematics. Not only school boys but the students preparing for competitive examinations are also benefited by this project. Subsequently his younger brother Omkar Wakudkar also joined in and accelerated the pace of the project. Prof Satre of Navegaon, Ganesh Arekar and Pravin Lole helped Akshay in his work. One by one people joined this project which culminate into a team.

Till now (2022) more than 1000 villages of Chandrapur District are covered. You can find the Mathematical formulas on the walls of any village of Chandrapur District. Sri Rahul Kardile (IAS), Chief Executive Officer of Chandrapur Zilla Parishad trusted this young chap and gave him the responsibility of whole district. His cooperation and guidance took this project to the next level of success. After Chandrapur district, now they have shifted the focus on Nagpur District.

Vision and Objective

The most fearful subject among school students (especially rural) is perhaps mathematics. Our aim is to eradicate that fear and empower the children through visuals, formulas, concepts etc. of mathematics. Through MM graffiti’s children can enjoy mathematics while playing, gossiping, roaming etc. Through this the mission aims to engage students in positive and productive study skills in idle time. This project will inspire many to take initiative in many other subjects as well and shade out the ignorance from the minds of children and feel it with the light of curiosity, imagination and scientific temper. This, in a way, helps to create an elite rural society where gossips become learning, empty walls become school writing boards and a whole village become a big classroom.

Origin and Growth

A young engineer from Ghosari Village Akshay Wakudkar was inspired by his father late Sri Haridasji Wakudkar to work for rural youth’s empowerment through the path of an education. Though working at Pune as an Electronic Engineer Akshay always had a dream to fulfil his passion. Whenever he visited his village, he painted a wall or two. Subsequently, his younger brother Omkar joined in and accelerated the pace of the mission. They received very good feedback from village children and peers. The next time on visiting his village, he realized how big a socio-educational change he can bring by organizing his ideas into Mission Mathematics with the help of his friends and well-wishers. So, Akshay decided to give full time dedication to Mission Mathematics and Omkar took the responsibility of serving him with finance. Initially the financial needs of the mission were fulfilled by Akshay’s mother Leela Wakudkar and Brother Omkar Wakudkar. Within the short span of one year (Sept. 2019 to Sept. 2020) MM team has painted approx. 7000 walls in 200 villages from 3 Tehsils and work is in progress.


Mission Mathematics
At- Ghosari Post- Nandgaon-441226
Tahasil- Pombhurna
Dist- Chandrapur

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